Advanced Guide


Use this feature to reply to a thread. Your response will appear at the bottom of the thread, indicating that it is the most recent response.

Reply privately: Use this feature to send a private message to the sender of the post.

Mark as inappropriate: Use this feature to mark a post as inappropriate and to be reviewed by the Community Manager.

Edit signature: You can edit the signature that appears on each of your posts by going to your profile settings.

Like a post: Use this feature to show your support for another post, or when you’re indicating that a specific post is the one others should read when looking for an answer.

How to edit your discussion post


Community members can follow discussion posts and library items. To accompany your ability to follow items throughout the community, we also wanted to give you one location to review all followed content.

Simply go to Profile > My Connections > Following

Viewing your list of followed content, you can:

  • Link directly to the content item
  • Link to the Community in which the content item is located
  • Link to the individual that posted the content
  • Review the date and time you followed the particular content item

By default, all Followed Content will display. You can also filter your followed content by content type by selecting the content type in the dropdown menu. Please note that you will automatically be following any discussion item that you reply to.

Scheduled Discussion Posts

Users can now choose to schedule a discussion post at a date and time in the future. The Schedule option will now display as an option for you.


When you schedule your post, you can find it under “My Contributions”.


When you edit your scheduled post, you will see new options for what you can do with the post.


If a user edits a scheduled post, modifies the content of the post and clicks save prior to the scheduled date and time, the modifications save. When the post publishes, the modified version of the post will be the published version of the post.


If a user edits a scheduled post and selects 'reschedule' the admin can modify the publish date and time, rescheduling the scheduled publish date.

Convert to draft

If a user edits a scheduled post and selects 'convert to draft,' the post becomes unscheduled and converted to a draft.


If a user edits a scheduled post and selects 'delete' the scheduled post (once confirmed) will be deleted.

Library Entries